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Sophie Dumaresq (b. 1991 Canberra, Australia) is an artist working in photo media in addition to large and small scale sculptural installation. Her work explores symbiotic cycles of consumption, destruction and creation demonstrating how as a species we relate, show empathy and evolve with and within our surrounding environment.

In 2009 she attended a student internship program at Questacon The Australian National Centre for Science and Technology. She completed her Diploma in Photography (honours) at Spéos International photography school - Paris & London and has participated in group exhibitions in Australia, France, Greece and Germany.

She is based in Canberra, Australia.

She is currently studying at The Australian National University’s Sculpture and Spatial Practices Workshop.



Speos, International School of Photography, Paris, France 2011 - 2013.


Group exhibition, Exercise Partielle, Society de Curiosities, Paris, France, 2014.

Group exhibition, Fine Art, Blank Wall Gallery, Athens, Greece, 2015.

Group exhibition, (Three examples of) The Photograph as an example of Contemporary Art, The Jarvis Dooney Gallery, Berlin, Germany, 2016.

Group exhibition, CLIP Landscape Award, Perth Centre for Photography, Perth, Australia, 2017.

Group exhibition, Postcard Salon, The Jarvis Dooney Gallery, Berlin, Germany 2018.

Group Exhibition, Renaissance, The Hamlet, Canberra, Australia 2018.

Group Exhibition, Islands, Boehmers, European Month of Photography, Berlin, Germany, 2018.

Group Exhibition, European Month of Photography, Emerging Talents, Berlin Blue Gallery, Berlin, Germany, 2018.

Group Exhibition, Post HomoSapiens, Exploring narratives which reflect on transhumanism and topics such as automatisation, acceleration and human mutations caused by the modern world, Der Greif, Guest Room Curator Monica Allende, Online, 2018.

Group exhibition, Postcard Salon 2, The Jarvis Dooney Gallery, Berlin, Germany 2019.

Publications and Awards

Magazine #Photography, series Squared, 2013.

Natural Density Photo Award, honourable mention, series Coveted World, 2014.

Natural Density Photo Award, honourable mention, series They_01, 2014.

Tribu Magazine, series Giants, 2015.

CLIP Landscape Award, Finalist, Image Splintering, 2017.


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